Pendulum Summit Powered By Synergy

For over 25 years, Synergy has put safety and security first. 

As a leading security and business support services company, Synergy provides unparalleled security services and solutions to serve, secure, and care for the people and businesses we work with across the corporate, retail, manufacturing, IT and industrial sectors.

Synergy’s success is underpinned by the way we do things deliberately different. For over 25 years, we have built a highly trained and loyal workforce, innovative solutions and an exceptional customer service team.

Our unrelenting focus on the safety and success of our clients and our people along with our passion for world-class standards are critical to our growth. We continue to embrace new ways of working and new approaches to serving our clients through continuous investment in our people and products.

The collaboration between Synergy and Pendulum indicates our commitment to a safer and better future for our people. Pendulum’s vision to promote organisational excellence and transform individuals through its world-class speakers and high applicable teachings emulates our vision.

New ways of working, New ways of thinking.

Our commitment to service excellence recognises that no two organisations have the same requirements. Through innovative thinking, listening to our clients, and taking proactive measures, our bespoke security solutions meet our clients’ exact requirements.

We believe that we do things deliberately different. We continue to seek out and cultivate new ideas in order to leverage change. We encourage innovation, not only from a technological perspective, but from human creativity, communication and commitment from ourselves – giving our best at all levels of our organisation.

As we embark on this exciting journey with Pendulum Summit, we have a renewed sense of purpose, passion and commitment to take things to the next level.

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