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Make this lockdown work for you. Invest in yourself, your team or your clients in 2021 and reap the benefits of heightened motivation, knowledge and inspiration with the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme. As the world-renowned author Tom Peters once said:

“If your company is doing well, double your training budget and when your company is not doing well, quadruple it!”

Created by the Pendulum Summit Team in collaboration with industry experts and distinguished academics, this sensational programme is enriched with the wisdom of our extraordinary Pendulum Summit visionaries.

For a limited time only, we are giving you the gift of 70% off our Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme where you can take your personal development and business knowledge to the next level at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

This can be yours today for ONLY €837 with our Valentine Extravaganza Special!

The Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme is a highly practical and up-to-date online platform where you learn from the best and gain a unique understanding of business and leadership to accelerate your career, build self-awareness and develop organisational culture.

When you enroll in the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme you get unlimited access to 150+ hours of inspirational video content with our Pendulum Talks library as well as access to the programme’s 8 cutting-edge modules:

During this critical time, Learning and Development play an important role in keeping  your mind healthy and active. For the majority of our learners, this online training programme has sparked a renewed appreciation for personal development and the complexities of business, particularly during disruptive times. It has also helped transform feelings of stress into inspiration, and has provided solid strategies to adapt and navigate with certainty and focus. All for a minimal investment of time and money unlike traditional methods.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to give your loved ones, employees, clients or whoever they may be the gift of Pendulum this Valentine’s Day. Visit or email [email protected] for info and more! Want More? Check Out Our World-Class Virtual Learning and Event Solutions…

Pendulum Talks:
We believe learning should excite you, exhilarate you, captivate you, and should be juicy enough to tempt you for more! Pendulum Talks works with a host of global visionaries, entrepreneurs, leadership experts and motivators to deliver world-class content and game-changing insights directly to you.

For more info visit

Virtual Event Solutions:
Virtual events provide an excellent way to bring people and brands together during these unique times. They can even open up your brand to new audiences with global reach, accessible content, and excellent ROI.

Our expert team can put together a highly professional audiovisual package for your presentations, complete with slideshows, Q&As, polls, and other features, alongside a full suite of analytics. Our virtual event management will take consumer and personnel safety to high standards without compromising your brand message.

Virtual events are accessible, budget-friendly, and truly scalable, suitable for events of any size and audience.

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