Pat FalveyGlobal Explorer & Corporate Trainer

    Pat Falvey is a world renowned Adventurer, Corporate Speaker & Team Trainer. His extraordinary life includes more than its fair share of triumphs and disasters, both as a businessman and adventurer. There were many highs, but there were low points, too. His stories of survival against the odds in business and his adventure life inspire tens of thousands of people every year. Pat is the first person in the world to have completed climbing the seven highest mountains on the Seven Continents twice including Mt Everest from Nepal and Tibet. He has also led multi-lingual, multi cultural teams into the highest, coldest, harshest, and most remote and beautiful places on planet earth.

    As a businessman Pat weathered booms and busts, and over his life as an entrepreneur he experienced the hunger for success, the yearning for more, the disappointment of failures, and the satisfaction of achievement. For his success, Pat also suffered great costs personally and to his family in a rags to riches story that finally led to a contented, balanced life.

    As a concerned citizen of the world Pat has seen first hand a changing planet. These changes hold frightening consequences for us as humans: the effects of global warming, climate change, population explosion and the destruction of ethnic cultures by colonizing forces.

    Pat is a leading motivational speaker and is a member of the PSA (Professional Speakers Association). His lectures, conferences and seminars inspire people to live life to the full and show the benefits of setting goals and making dreams a reality. His story is fascinating, riveting, engaging and emotionally charged.

    “Believe in yourself, have dreams and goals, be positive, don’t quit, and change with changing circumstances. Go for what you want with all of your capacity, strength and tenacity. I believe if you have these attributes your dreams and goals will in life become a reality. My mentors have taught me this from a early age and I have succeeded in making all my dreams come true.” Pat Falvey

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