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A highly practical and up-to-date online platform where you learn from the best and gain a unique understanding of business, leadership and wellbeing. All for a minimal investment of time and money unlike traditional methods.

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We believe learning should excite you, exhilarate you, captivate you, and should be juicy enough to tempt you for more! Our online video platform works with global visionaries, entrepreneurs, leadership experts and motivators to deliver world-class content and insights directly to you.

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Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme

The quality of your life comes down to your level of leadership – it is the most important skill any human can master. A true leader inspires themselves and others to do, be, give and become more than they ever thought possible.

Pendulum’s Inspired Leadership Programme is unlike any other leadership training programme, it teaches you skills from the best of the best in Authentic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Communications, Persuasion, Motivational Coaching and more. 

Over 8 modules, you will create an identity for yourself as a leader – someone who can help anyone, no matter what their challenges may be. If you are committed to connecting, contributing and growing as an enlightened leader, Pendulum’s Inspired Leadership Programme will give you the diverse skills and insights you need to change lives.

The goal of this leadership programme is to teach you the skills of effective communication, deep-seated connection, persuasion and empowerment, so you can impact your own life and the lives of others.

Key Features & Benefits

Unlimited Access

Highly practical and up-to-date online platform offers you 24/7 access with all content available on-demand on any device.

World-Class Learning

Created in collaboration with distinguished academics and thought leaders, with tonnes of wisdom from our global visionaries.

Remote Working

An exceptional eLearning solution to keep your team focused, motivated and engaged.

Flexible & Efficient

Designed to fit into your schedule through our self-paced learning model

Value For Money

Gain a unique understanding of business and leadership to accelerate your career, launch, or scale your own business – all for a minimal investment of time and money, unlike in traditional methods.


Our people-mediated approach ensures that wherever you are in the world, you’ll feel supported throughout your learning journey.

Bespoke Solutions

We facilitate groups and co-create bespoke programmes that can be tailored to address the specific contextual requirements of your organisation.


All participants receive a Certificate of Completion on successful completion of the programme which can be added to your CPD portfolio.

8 High Impact Modules

When you join the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme you get unlimited access to eight high impact modules and access to 150+ hours of inspirational video content with our Pendulum Talks library.

Who Is This For?

Emerging Leaders

Build greater self-awareness and explore how you can adapt your leadership style to meet specific organisational challenges.

Early and Mid-Career Professionals

Prepare for leadership roles after working as an individual contributor or functional specialist.

Senior Leaders

You manage a rapidly growing organisation or division of your company, and want to see it succeed. Learn how to bring your vision to life at scale.

Who Will I Learn From?

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from a host of leading business visionaries, distinguished academics and thought leaders.

And Many More!

Ways To Participate

Online Programme

Complete the programme any time and at your own pace. You will be guided through 8 high leadership impact modules. Gain access to additional resources, video content and exercises to reinforce learning.

3-Day Workshops

Our 3-day workshops take a deep dive into leadership excellence for leaders looking to challenge themselves and push their perspective on what’s possible for their organisation. Contact us for next dates.

Customised Solutions

We work with organisations to define their unique challenges and co-create solutions tailored to their requirements. A popular option here is ‘in-house’ training.

Pricing & Company Solutions

Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme
70% OFF
70% OFF
Normally €2790.
Access to 8 world-class modules that cover 8 critical leadership topics. Each module contains 60 minutes of guided learning delivered by a professional facilitator with exercises and reflective learning logs to assess your understanding of the topics covered.
Access to an impressive Pendulum Talks library which includes 150+ full length videos (talks) from some of the greatest visionaries who have spoken at our flagship event Pendulum Summit, the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit.
On-demand access to all of Pendulum Resurgence – Virtual Event.
At the end of each module you will receive the full module transcripts, a full resource library of articles, and references to books and academic journals.
Flexible, self-paced learning to suit your schedule.
If you need someone to hold you accountable on this learning journey, we are here to assist you. Our experts will also help you to establish your own supportive network and identify the key traits to a good accountability partner.
Pendulum Certificate of Completion on successful completion of the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme. This can be added to your CPD portfolio.
Dedicated assistance from us every step of the way

Company Solutions

We can facilitate any size group and work with organisations to define their unique challenges and co-create solutions tailored to their requirements.

Accepted Payment Methods

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Pendulum Summit 2021

Pendulum Summit 2021 has been postponed due to the ongoing pandemic and will be rescheduled at a later date when it is safe to do so. If you have any questions about Pendulum Summit 2021, please email welcome@pendulumsummit.com

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