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Robin Sharma – 26 Principles To Lead Without A Title

Here are Robin Sharma’s 26 principles to engage your lead without a title momentum and multiply your mindset for peak performance. Robin Sharma is the World’s premier expert on Leadership and Personal Mastery.

#1 – To lead a giant life, begin with giant thoughts.
#2 – Greatness begins beyond your comfort zone.
#3 – To have a life very few have, do the things few will do.
#4- The marketplace always rewards mastery.
#5 – To become a 20x better person, set – and execute – a 20x larger vision.
#6 – Your performance rises to the level of your associations.
#7 – Great projects are produced via great passion (not cold logic).
#8 – Dreams (and ideas) are worthless without execution that is absolutely relentless.
#9 – Your life reflects what you’ve settled for.
#10 – It’s not only your opportunity but your responsibility to achieve rare-air success.
#11 – Excuses are liars.
#12 – Fears are thieves.
#13 – Be a champion versus a cynic, an encourager versus a critic.
#14 – To have an amazing company, develop an amazing team.
#15 – Your work is your craft. Your life is your art.
#16 – Generosity breeds victory.
#17 – To make millions, help millions.
#18 – Focus is more valuable than intelligence.
#19 – The future belongs to the misfits, oddballs and visionaries.
#20 – If it’s not messy, it’s not true progress.
#21 – Take care of the relationship and the money will take care of itself.

#22 – Success loves the persistent.
#23 – The quality of your practice defines the calibre of your performance.
#24 – Impact is more lucrative than income.
#25 – Nothing changes until your mission becomes your obsession.
#26 – Safe is boring. Daring is hip.

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