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When Frankie Met Sir Richard

I knew Sir Richard Branson was one of the most influential individuals in the world but nothing could prepare me for the explosive reaction we got when we signed him! He has over 12 million followers on LinkedIn dwarfing the second place Bill Gates with only 8 million! He is everything I love about business and in particular, his ‘can-do’ attitude with his ‘screw it, let’s do it’ mantra! Having met with him recently, I am even more excited than ever ahead of his visit to Pendulum for his first and maybe last public speaking appearance in Ireland. The success stories that he will share, but more intriguing for me (having had plenty of adversity myself), the spectacular failures that he has had and his bounce back ability. One such was his ‘virgin bridal’ business that collapsed because they couldn’t find any!

Screw It, Let’s Do It

To date, we have sold more tickets than we did for the entire last year. We are flying ahead to another sell out. All our loyal fans are ecstatic to see we have delivered the biggest and most disruptive speaker line-up ever in Pendulum history. I am delighted to see hundreds of purchases from people who have never attended previously who just want to finally know what Pendulum is all about and why the most successful individuals and companies attend every year.

I have asked the same question to them on ‘why they choose Pendulum’ and have got some wonderful answers. My favourite is from one of Ireland’s most recognised HR directors – “Most of the top academic and MBA programmes talk about great leaders, Pendulum is led by them.”

In a rapidly changing world, the goal of achieving excellence can only be attained by continuous upskilling in our five key pillars: Self-Empowerment, Authentic Relationships, Leadership and Team Performance, Business Excellence, Professional and Wealth Elevation.

Diversity and inclusion will be highly prevalent this year with our powerhouse of speakers. Opportunity in uncertainty will also be discussed via Brexit and Trump.

The importance of embracing technology consciously, building mental resilience, disruption, innovation, how to adapt and be proactive in a constantly changing environment are other such themes that will be unwrapped.

Perfect Kick-Start To The Year!

Lots of companies are now building Pendulum into their annual management gatherings. They see it as the perfect platform to kick-start the year. The event is also becoming increasingly popular for companies to bring their clients. With increased regulation around corporate governance and bribery laws, it is the perfect gift for a client helping them grow personally and professionally with CPD points available. It also provides the most advanced methods on how to grow their own organisations exponentially.

I can’t wait to hear from our four female speakers of whom are among the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Baroness Michelle Mone OBE, Jo Malone MBE, Randi Zuckerberg (Mark’s older sister, who played a key role in Facebook’s success from the beginning until recently) and Marci Shimoff who as a #1 NY Times Author has sold 15 million copies of her book worldwide. All will share their compelling stories about personal and business adversity – key drivers that led to success on a global scale.

Then you have Paul O’Connell, the biggest name in International Rugby who after 14 years of playing at the top was forced to retire due to sustained injury.

The famous Dr Bob Rotella has attracted an enormous golf and high performance following through his work with some of the best golfers and organisations in the world.

Martyn Newman PhD is the world’s foremost in clinical psychology and Emotional Intelligence and two others that I have my money on to steal the show – Brad Sugars and Jack Daly. They are the best around when it comes to business culture, structures, processes and selling.

Networking App & Night Summits

We are hoping to announce another Iconic Speaker for Day 2 (Jan 11th) shortly so stay tuned! Even more exciting news is our brand new Networking App due to be launched in the coming weeks. This is a new dimension to the event and this cutting-edge technology will help you to meet like-minded individuals during our speed networking sessions and also during our Night Summit gatherings.

I hope this give you a flavour of what we have in store for Pendulum Summit on January 10th and 11th, and trying not to sound too pitchy – if you are serious about getting to the next level wherever you are on your career path, don’t miss out on this incredible Summit that is as good if not better than any event of its type in the world.

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