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Pendulum 360˚ Fuelling Peak Performance & Holistic Wellbeing

Pendulum 360˚ Fuelling Peak Performance & Holistic Wellbeing

Imagine having a library of timely, applicable Wellbeing, Leadership and Personal Growth resources at your disposal 24/7 to grapple with the myriad challenges in the professional world today.

Now imagine if every person in your organisation had access to this library. Pendulum 360˚ provides exactly this terrific resource, along with many other high value features. 

Developed by the masterminds behind the hugely successful Pendulum Summit, the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit, Pendulum 360˚ is the latest evolution of training technology. It focuses on user experience, enhancing the usability and efficiency of the learning experience so that learners can seamlessly interact with multiple types of learning content and systems in one platform.

“There is significant demand for training programs and courses that address the whole person and incorporate membership in a community of like-minded individuals. We’ve invested in mechanisms to deliver highly effective bursts of micro-learning that fit into a busy day with targeted and applicable information in a collaborative online environment.”

– Frankie Sheahan, CEO, Pendulum 360˚

Pendulum 360˚ Courses, Modules and Presentations are meticulously selected. We only select the best teachers and trainers in the world where we condense their content into highly targeted bursts of micro-learning. This is complemented by the years we have spent compiling the most thought provoking and actionable content from the 100’s of global visionaries like Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Dr Deepak Chopra and more who have imparted their wisdom at Pendulum Summit.

There are 3 reasons Pendulum 360˚ is vital to your organisation’s success:

First, physical fitness, commitment to goals and achieving group ambitions are all correlated with higher performance in the workplace. Many of our offerings reinforce the passion and discipline you hope to instill in your own corporate culture. 

Second, the stresses of the past few years seem unique, but every human must often face uncertainty, lack of control, and need for inner calm. Our emphasis on Mindfulness and Wellbeing provides a valuable suite of tools, approaches and reminders for everyone in your organisation. The short micro-burst format is especially effective to boost the mood of a team, or provide a stress release for a hard-working employee.

Third, the outmoded idea that leaders have formal power at the top of the organisation may be holding back your success. In the highest performing firms, leaders are found at all levels of the organisation, seizing opportunities, motivating themselves and others, and taking ownership of tough problems. Our time-tested leadership materials are even more accessible from our easy-to-navigate online platform.

Here are just a sampling of some other benefits of the Pendulum 360˚ company-wide subscription:

  • Building communities around topics of interest
  • Suggesting pathways for learning based on employee needs
  • Providing recommendations from one employee to another about highly useful materials
  • Increasing self-awareness and self-direction across your company

Unlike learning programs focused on just a few of your high potential people, access to Pendulum 360˚ provides a shared experience that enriches every level of your organisation. 

“The future of corporate learning is LMS, LXP, and marketing platform in one integrated system. This is what Pendulum 360 excels in.”

Our materials are also complementary to any other learning and development efforts you have underway. We don’t hinder your other efforts, Pendulum 360˚ actually helps employees to be more ready and open to embracing upskilling and professional training specific to your company or industry.

Our Winning Formula:

  • How to excel in your life, your business, your health, and your relationships isn’t taught in conventional schools. Pendulum 360˚ is where you learn what you need – when you need it – in each of these core areas.
  • We believe the only thing standing between where you are now and where you want to be is the right coaching, learning, and community of support.
  • We help learners identify, prioritise and achieve their goals with expert input from educators, practitioners, leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • We are dedicated to helping every individual gain the skills they need to achieve their full potential.
  • We embrace being human in a digital world. Our private in-built social community allows people to learn together and build lasting connections.

What You Get:

For only €360 (just over €1 per day!) anyone who joins Pendulum 360˚ gets a multitude of benefits included below and for only an additional €50 you can get 12 month access instead of 6 months and 4 Masterclasses instead of 2 AND everything below! Corporate packages and full company licensing packages for up to 10,000 people are also available at extraordinary discounts!​

  • Access to the Pendulum 360˚ virtual launch event with Tony Robbins and other world-class visionaries (TBA soon) on June 25th 2021. Event schedule coming soon.
  • 24/7 access to all available past Pendulum Summit presentations for 12 months post launch event from Sir Richard Branson to Jack Canfield (over 100 available).
  • Full access to the Pendulum’s Inspired Leadership Programme consisting of 8 high impact modules (accreditation pending). The full value of this alone is €2700!
  • Distilled wisdom in micro-learning course format on the most cutting-edge topics including wellbeing, nutrition, movement, performance and leadership for 12 months.
  • Access up to 4 Masterclasses with visionary speakers in the 12 months post event.
  • Immersive Networking opportunities with our Private Pendulum 360˚ Community where you can continue the conversation, network and support your peers, learn and discuss in groups, peer review and find accountability partners.
  • Fully CPD internationally accredited with certificates of completion and badges that can be added to your CV and LinkedIn profile.
  • Daily pulses and notifications on new content, courses and inspirational reminders and videos.
  • Full access to regular interactive webinars with our course director Dr. Trish Gorman (see below).
  • 24/7 assistance to hold you accountable on your personalised learning journey.
  • Free access to the Pendulum 360˚ App (coming soon!).
  • Accessible everywhere Apple, Android Desktop, iPad and Apple TV​.​

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