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Finding Connection & Resilience During Challenging Times

Here are some practical tips based on the wisdom from the best Pendulum speakers, visionaries and authors in the world (past and present) AND from our MD, Frankie Sheahan.


1. Stand Guard At The Gate Of Your Mind

We need to know what’s going on but we don’t need to be controlled or inundated by it. Allocate a specific amount of screen-time each day for social media, whatsapp etc. to catch up but make sure to limit this and spend more time on things like family, meditation, affirmations, expressing gratitude, business planning, goals and targets.

2. Choose your attitude!

Decide that you can choose to be cranky or positive or whatever you want. It is your choice. Debra Searle sums this up perfectly.

3. Control the Controllables

Understand that we have no control over external factors happening around the world so it is futile to waste time and energy worrying about them and what’s going to happen. Follow the medical and government advice is all you can do. Nobody is perfect. It would be unusual not to have a row at home with partner or kids so don’t be too hard on yourself, especially while you are all getting to know each other more!

4. Never waste a crisis

I have a plan to train at least 6 days a week with plenty of walking. I will be not eating and drinking outside of home. I look forward to being healthier and working from home will give me more time to catch up on sleep. I intend to be fully fit and recharged once things get back to normal. Some people will die, others will be sick, and lots will lose their jobs but whatever your faith, keep a positive mindset and trust the process of life.

5. Have impact in your day

When I say impact, I mean being fully present. For example, when you are with your kids, go all in! When you are playing the jigsaw or board games or making the dinner, be present in that moment and give it your best. This is a great way to be in general.

Below are the 5 pillars of Pendulum which can help you put the above together for your plan.

  1. Self-Empowerment: Look after your immune system, sleep well, exercise plenty and be mindful of your nutrition. Spend time meditating or thinking also.#
  2. Authentic Relationships: What an opportunity to cultivate, nurture and develop bonds with family. Even if it’s watching a feel good movie or going for a walk on the beach!
  3. Leadership and Team Performance: Be a team player by following the medical and government guidelines. Leadership is doing all of the points here.
  4. Business Excellence: Spend time thinking about your business, your household expenditure and the challenges and opportunities that will now present themselves. We might need to change direction quickly so thinking time is great to guide you here. Reference the great manuscript – Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.
  5. Professional and Wealth Elevation: Are there books your intend reading, online courses that you are keen to do, webinars, podcasts etc. Now is a great opportunity to up-skill and also to batten down there hatches regarding your outlays.

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