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Give Your Client CPD And Brilliant Insights Without Breaching Governance!

“However, where any non-monetary benefit is provided, it must be designed to enhance the quality of the service ultimately provided to consumers.” – Matheson

For those of you concerned about Governance, Compliance and Regulations, I invite you to consider this quote above from the Central Bank of Ireland’s Addendum to the Consumer Protection Code 2012 – 2019 which would 100% cover inviting your brokers and clients to experience Pendulum 360°.

Are you looking for a super smart way to enhance your client experience during Covid? Are you thinking, how do I give my client something that is thoughtful during Covid without breaking any governance or rules?

Pendulum 360° is a revolutionary Learning and Lifestyle Platform dedicated to fuelling Peak Performance and Holistic Wellbeing. This unique platform has been developed with our 1000’s of Pendulum followers in mind who have told us they want a one-stop-shop for all things Wellbeing, Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness, Leadership, Career, Business, Relationships and more!

In true Pendulum style, we have meticulously selected 100+ micro-learning courses and content from the best teachers and trainers in the world and delivered them in a ‘Netflix-style’ format of highly targeted bursts of micro-learning. This is complemented by an engaging community feature and pathways for learning.

On June 25th, 2021 Pendulum 360˚ will be unleashed to the world! We have a groundbreaking virtual experience in store with transformational masterclasses from Tony Robbins, World’s #1 Life and Business Strategist; Dr. Makaziwe Mandela, Global Authority on Diversity and Inclusion, Patrick Lencioni, Global Leadership & Teamwork Sensation; other world renowned experts. You will also be able to explore the platform in its entirety and immerse yourself into a global network of change-makers, leaders and visionaries.

Pendulum 360˚ offers a range of topical themes and topics which not only satisfy simple CPD requirements but are also of direct relevance and use to our members in their day-to-day work.
  • Employees and members of professional bodies, institutes or regulators are often expected to attain a certain number of CPD points or hours per year. They need them in order to maintain their chartered status or their license to practice.
  • Pendulum is categorised as Training and Education where Institutes and Associations like the Institute of Banking (IOB) have previously provided CPD hours towards Pendulum.
  • Each professional body, institute, regulator or employer sets in place a CPD policy.
  • The number of points or hours can vary significantly from profession to profession and sector to sector.
  • CPD points or hours are an integral part of what are termed ‘input based’ CPD schemes, and can also be known as CPD Credits or CPD merits.
  • Our Pendulum 360˚ Members who complete a course(s) on Pendulum 360˚ will be issued with a CPD Certificate of Completion for inclusion in their CPD records for their professional body, institute, regulator or employer.
  • If you are part of an industry regulatory body and require CPD points, you should contact them directly to avail of points for your attendance.

We would be delighted if you could share this with your Governance and Compliance contacts. Please see our exciting Event Brochure here. Secure your place now on pendulum-360.com! For more info on group rates or sponsorship opportunities email welcome@pendulum-360.com

What Is In This Investment For You And Your Organisation?

Up to 12 month membership from ONLY €370 when you book today (save €625) exceptional benefits below:

  • Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme (accreditation pending) with 8 high impact modules. Value of this alone is €2700!
  • 20+ highly targeted micro-learning courses delivered in a ‘Netflix-style’ format from Dr Harry Barry (21 days to Armour-plated Wellbeing), John Demartini, Jack Daly, David Meerman-Scott to name a few in Health, Wellbeing, Nutrition, Performance, Self-Leadership and a myriad of other personal and career areas.
  • Over 100 Pendulum Summit presentations from Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Dr Deepak Chopra, Randi Zuckerberg and more!
  • 4 Virtual Workshops from Global Experts to drive community engagement and networking:
    • September 2021: 360˚ Wellbeing
    • November 2021: Purpose and Performance
    • February 2022: Self Leadership
    • May 2022: Becoming The Best Version Of You
  • Full access to the half-day virtual launch event on June 25th 2021 with Tony Robbins, World’s #1 Life and Business Strategist, Dr Makaziwe Mandela, Global Authority on Resilience, Perseverance and Diversity AND Patrick Lencioni, Pioneer of the Organisational Health Movement and World’s Foremost Experts on Leadership and Teamwork … entertainment, comedy and other treats also provided!

Company Packages & Sponsorship Opportunities:

Your people are your biggest asset. Whether you have 15 or 10,000 in your organisation, we invite you to invest today in their performance and holistic wellbeing with our near give away deals! Reply to this email or contact welcome@pendulum-360.com and we will look after you.

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