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HR Headaches That Pendulum Summit Solves

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You are the best at what you do. You have spent years learning the intricacies of the HR arena, how to navigate it, and how to come out on top. The problem is so have your competitors. You believe it is all about your people, but has it become all about the bottom line? What if you could ensure your corporate brand was about both? Imagine what would your company would look like if it was truly all about its people, and as a direct result of healthy, fulfilled talent, the bottom line was overflowing. The Pendulum curriculum takes the ‘whole being’ into account and addresses key areas (see below) within the HR arena to ensure your capital needs are covered.

1. Retention

Invest, reward and value your talent and you will see the law of reciprocation in action. Human development does not stop at the door of your organisation. People are no longer satisfied with training as a means of box ticking. They know that for them to be their best at work they must first become the best version of themselves and take a macro outlook on their development. Our speakers are the best advocates of personal development, personal adversity, and personal mastery.

2. Performance

If you have acquired the best talent, invested time and money in their professional development, supported the development of their ‘whole being,’ and they feel valued by their peers, how will these individuals perform? Through the roof no? Not necessarily. These high potential individuals, who have the ability to break ‘glass ceilings,’ will only perform as well as their leaders and structures in their organisations will allow them to perform. Pendulum believes the time is now for managers and leaders to think big and lead big.

3. Potential

Every one of us has the potential to be better than we were yesterday. The problem is how do we harness this potential, develop this potential and guide this potential so that it unearths limitless possibility instead of reckless havoc?Pendulum allows delegates to feed off the collective energy and limitless potential of its world-class speakers as well as 8,000 like-minded daring disruptors.

4. Employer Brand

The time is now to embrace your diverse talent. Your Employer Brand should not dictate how your company is, or create your company culture. Your people should create your company culture and your culture should be your Employer Brand.

5. Mental Resilience

Every boardroom’s concern today. Pendulum will provide proven tools to help build strong, positive mind-sets to cope with stressful situations, deadlines and corporate demands.

6. Acquisition

You will gain privileged access to 8,000+ attendees from Ireland and abroad in C-1, C-2 Suite, CEO and Board level positions who are prioritising their professional and personal development. Plus the introduction of our new networking app will allow face-to-face meetings with valuable connections at the touch of a button.

7. Development

What better way to develop the potential of the human mind than by live, interactive masterclasses from the world’s leading business and psychological visionaries. Our speakers will develop personal and organisational skills, knowledge, and abilities.

Join 7,000 Business Leaders at Pendulum Summit 2024

Pendulum Summit is the perfect tonic at the start of every year. Taking a day or two out of your busy schedule to really focus on you, your career, your relationships, your goals and your mindset is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Less than 25% of places remain. Register to attend Pendulum Summit on January 10th and 11th at the CCD, and avail of your Christmas Gift Rate today.

You cannot reach your destination unless you know where you are starting from. Let Pendulum get you there.


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