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John Cleese: Leadership Essentials

About John Cleese

John Cleese co-founded Video Arts with Sir Antony Jay back in 1972. They realised how important it is for Learning and Development initiatives to gain, and maintain interest from employees. They decided to shake up the formal classroom experience and use entertainment to capture the imagination of participants. And so the humorous training film was invented. This is now the UK’s largest on line education platform for corporate training covering topics from leadership to sales and negotiations to wellbeing in the workplace.

Leadership Essentials

1. Brainstorm: Give your team time to think, before you meet. Create a safe space for sharing, and don’t allow ideas to be shot down. Look for opportunities to combine ideas and create new and better ones.

2. Fostering Innovation: When fostering a culture of innovation, reward employees for taking ownership of their own problems and coming up with solutions. Encourage an outward view – looking for inspiration from the world outside the organisation.

3. Unleashing Your Creativity: Let your subconscious go to work – time pressure stifles creativity, which needs an incubation period. Be ready for ideas to flow at any time.

High-Impact Lessons For Front-Line Teams

1. Know what you’re going to say when you close – prepare your closes. If your first close fails, use recovery lines to get back on track. Persist by chasing up opportunities, expanding offers and keep the door open to new business.

2. When closing, be a salesperson, not a collecting agent. Widen your horizons and look for the upsell opportunities. Think of all the positive reasons the client should say yes.

3. Try for an early close. It could save your time or teach you more about the customer’s needs. Build an agreement staircase towards closing the deal. Then use silence – let the customer speak first.

See John Cleese At Pendulum Summit

Pendulum Summit, the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit appeals to aspiring individuals and business leaders who are constantly looking for ways to cultivate their clients and keep their core teams engaged, motivated and growing in this era of hyper competition. Our world-class speakers, learning and networking opportunities continue to grow year on year. An added bonus is that the event offers delegates CPD hours as part of their overall professional development.


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