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Dr John Demartini – 4 S’s of Leadership

Dr John Demartini’s guide to effectively fulfil your lifes desires and become more clearly focused and steady on their life missions;
initiate or expand careers and leadership roles; increase sales communication skills; influence and outreach; increase profits and net worth savings.

In other words they desired to know how they could: Serve more, Speak more, Sell more, Save more and therefore ultimately experience a more amazing and privileged life. He calls these four life-altering objectives the four S’s of leadership and fulfilment. Why? Because these four powerful skills, when developed and mastered, make huge differences in the lifestyle you live and on the influence you have on others and therefore your net outcome and income.

People who are clearly focused on their life missions draw to them opportunities that those who are scattered and uncertain will probably never become aware of. Their certainty of who they are and where they are going acts as a drawing card for others to align and assist. People love to be around those who are focused and purposeful.

People who can speak out with confidence and inspire others to action receive the rewards of power, prestige and certainly magnetic economic returns. Their impact can bring even greater assistance from others and can transform their society in ways only imaginable.

People who can sell their ideas clearly and concisely in other people’s terms and values open up their fingertips to the world. It has been stated for decades that nobody accomplishes anything until somebody sells something to someone. Mastering the art of selling really means mastering the art of caring and the possibility of fulfilling needs as well as dreams. Influencing others is a game of selling, and true selling means true caring.

People who can save their money end up buying the world. A slave is one who works their whole life for money and a financially free individual is one who has their money working for them. Imagine doing what you love while being economically rewarded. Everyone deserves to be rewarded for his or her services, messages and skills and the science of saving can provide exactly such rewards.

The four S’s are unquestionably important skills to master in life. Without them life can be lived in mediocrity. But with them the whole world can be yours. Set your mind on mastering these four S’s and you too will experience the reward of playing your game of life on a much grander playing field.

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