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Kelly Holmes – Always be the best version of yourself.

Always be the best version of yourself

Olympic legend Dame Kelly Holmes is renowned worldwide for her contributions to raising mental health awareness, as well as for her sporting accomplishments.

The Honorary Armoured Colonel had a distinguished military career before winning the 800 and 1500 metre races and capturing the world’s attention. Even after such a remarkable journey, Kelly has achieved her success by overcoming immense obstacles, and her candid fight with mental health concerns has sparked crucial conversations about the issue.

In 2022, Kelly Holmes came out as a gay, garnering attention and the backing of athletes like British former professional boxer Nicola Adams. Due to the Army’s ban on homosexuality and widespread homophobia, Kelly had to conceal her true identity for 34 years. Now, however, she feels liberated to live life as her truest self and start inspiring those who have also experienced challenges with their identity. In her talk at Pendulum 2020, Kelly demonstrates this liberty, encouraging her audience to say, ‘‘This is who I am, this is what I want to do.’’ Now looking back Kellys encouraging words to her audience are even more compelling considering she did not announce her coming out until two years later.  

Kelly is celebrated as a ahero for her accomplishments and subsequent advocacy work. She is a role model and icon in the sporting world. Kelly encourages her audience to ‘strive to succeed’ and is an inspiration to everyone.

She has written two books, in addition to making several television apparences, and sharing her experiences on Radio 4’s All in the Mind. Kelly was named a Dame in 2005 for her contributions to athletics , because of her wide-rangeing influence , she was given the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award.

From this blog, some key takeaways are:

  1.  Embrace your individuality. Always be true to yourself and have the courage to be yourself no matter what

  2. Follow your passion. Do what you love and strive to succeed.

  3. Allow yourself the space and grace to become the best version of yourself.

‘Do you take time to remind yourself how good you actually are?’
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