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Nothing Fails like Success – Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma, Global Leadership Expert and #1 Bestselling Author discusses the importance of one being a leader and how fundamental it is to strive for perfection, to lead by example and how one can go about becoming the best version of themselves.

Here is a synopsis of his wisdom:

A victim or a leader?

Every day when you walk out into the world, into the workplace or into the community you have a choice. Robin says that you can be a victim, which is like complaining, playing it average and giving away your power. Or, you can be a leader, which is you doing your best work, constantly learning new things, contributing value, maintaining a positive mindset and impacting as many people as possible.

Removing your addiction to distraction:

The average person is spending two hours on an average day addicted to their smartphone, notifications or interruptions. According to Robin, this is really costing you your fortune. It’s costing you your impact. It’s costing you your career. In many ways, it’s costing you your personal life.

Nothing fails like success:

When we’re successful in a company, as entrepreneurs or as people, it’s really easy to stop doing the very things that made us successful. It’s important not to lose the fire that keeps you growing, learning, giving value and being helpful to people.


There’s the science which says it takes sixty-six days to install a new habit. Robin encourages us to stay with the ideas shared during Pendulum for sixty-six days until the brain has the time to wire in the new habits where it becomes automatic.

Morning routine:

Getting your morning routine right. The way you begin your day determines how well you live your day. Personal mastery investment: Triple your investment in your personal mastery i.e. growing as a person and in a professional capability. Leadership favours the learners. The victims love entertainment but the leaders love education.

Being a leader, whatever life you lead, will optimize your potential. Integrating Sharma’s ideas into your daily routine will encourage this. Ensuring that you become the best version of yourself.

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