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Christy Dignam

Lead Singer Of Aslan

Christy Dignam, lead singer of Irish band Aslan and one of Ireland’s greatest rock stars, joins the superb Pendulum 2020 line-up.

Christy will share with Pendulum delegates how he has overcome obstacles in his life through resilience, the right winning mindset and success principles but also how adversity and mental health had an effect on him and his success.

Growing up in Finglas, Dublin, there was only one thing Christy Dignam ever wanted to do – and that was sing. By the early 1980s, he had formed the band Aslan, part of a new wave of acts coming out of Ireland. Repeatedly chewed up and spat out in the feeding frenzy to sign ‘the next U2’, they stuck to their principles. developed a loyal following, and their first album Feel No Shame went to No 1 in their home country, showcased by the song ‘This Is’, which Christy proudly acknowledges has become ‘part of Ireland’s DNA’.

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