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Dr. Harry Barry

Global Authority on Mental Health & Wellbeing

Dr. Harry Barry is an experienced medical doctor who qualified in 1976. He has worked as a senior GP within the Irish Health System for over thirty-five years. Dr. Barry has a long-standing interest in mental health. With particular focus on  the management of anxiety, depression and toxic stress, as well as the prevention of suicide.

He is especially interested in the concept of emotional resilience. He believes  developing skills in this area could transform our mental health. Dr. Barry has developed a holistic approach with an emphasis on the combination of Neuroscience concepts, lifestyle changes and drug therapy. Through  the application of simple CBT approaches to effectively manage these approaches. He retired from general practice in 2013. Mainly to focus solely on mental health. He now works on a consultancy basis. Doing so by  combining clinics, writing, media and public information lectures. He also assists fellow GPs, nurses and therapists, with lectures and workshops. Dr. Barry is a member of an international group of experts exploring how best to measure cognition in depression.

He has written extensively on the subject. His Flag series of books have been widely read both by professionals and people interested in the area. His 6th book on Anxiety and Panic got to number one in the best–seller nonfiction list in Ireland. It offers a novel approach to combining Neuroscience concepts with CBT to assist people to eliminate or cope with  panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety and general anxiety.

He regularly contributes to national press and media. Harry is a member of the Advisory Board of the College of Psychiatry. Furthermore he is a former Board member of the national depression group Aware.

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