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Ray Goggins

Former Special Forces Operator & Ultimate Hell Week Star

Ray Goggins is a former Special Forces Operator and bestselling author – but you may know him as the Chief Instructor on RTE’s hit show, Ultimate Hell Week. 

Ray Goggin’s military background has given him vast experience in working in combat zones globally, becoming a specialist in Hostage Rescue, Maritime Counter Terrorism, Combat Diving and Intelligence Operations. Over the past 30 years, Ray had been building and leading teams as Special Forces Trainer and Physical Training Instructor across several geographies, providing him with unique skills and insights into dealing with real high pressure environments.

Since leaving the Special Forces, Ray Goggins has used this vast experience and knowledge to work with sports teams, businesses and corporations, facilitating more hands-on workshops in the areas of High Performance, Leadership, Resilience and Team Building. When working with people, Ray wants to give them skills and tools that they can take forward and apply to both their professional and personal lives. Helping them to build a bulletproof mindset and become the very best version of themselves.
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