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Unleashing Pendulum 360° With Tony Robbins’ Masterclass, 24/7 Access & Wisdom

Pendulum 360° The Wisdom of World-Class Leaders at Your Fingertips

Pendulum 360° is a revolutionary Learning and Lifestyle Platform dedicated to fuelling Peak Performance and Holistic Wellbeing.

This unique platform has been developed with our 1000’s of Pendulum followers in mind who have told us they want a one-stop-shop for all things Wellbeing, Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness, Leadership, Career, Business, Relationships and more! In true Pendulum style, we have meticulously selected 100+ Courses and Pendulum Summit Talks featuring the best teachers and trainers in the world and delivered them in a ‘Netflix-style’ format of highly targeted bursts of micro-learning with a vibrant Community feature and pathways for learning.

On June 25th, 2021 Pendulum 360˚ will be unleashed to the world! We have a groundbreaking virtual experience in store with epic masterclasses from Tony Robbins, the Worlds #1 Life and Business Strategist, Dr. Makaiziwe Mandela, Global Authority on Diversity and Inclusion, other world renowned experts. You will also be able to explore the platform in its entirety and immerse yourself into a global network of change-makers, leaders and visionaries.

Join today and discover a world of Wellness and Self-Improvement from only €360! That’s just over €1 per day! This gives you access to the June 25th event AND unlimited access to all courses, modules and presentations for up to 12 months.

Get your 360˚ Platinum All-Access Pass now for only €360 (Normally €995) – Super Early-Bird Ends Tomorrow At 5pm So Don’t Miss Out!
The total value of what you get is €3,600 with new and exciting content added frequently.

*Upgrade to 12 full months for an extra €50 and get access to 2 additional Masterclasses as well as more groundbreaking content.

Company Packages & Sponsorship Opportunities:
Your people are your biggest asset. Whether you have 15 or 10,000 in your organisation, we invite you to invest today in their performance and holistic wellbeing with our near give away deals! Reply to this email or contact welcome@pendulum-360.com and we will look after you.

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