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In this exclusive interview, Dr. John Demartini informs us how to elevate your wealth potential and discover the vast fortune inside you and what you can do with it to bring it to the world. Watch here.

Demartini discusses how the hierarchy of ones values determines their financial destiny and unless one truly has a value on serving people and desiring fortune it’s likely that they will be a consumer and buy depreciables thus going backwards instead of forwards in terms of their wealth.

He communicates to us the importance of having a cause one can dedicate their life to which would be of service to people and how necessary it is in order to acquire a vast fortune.

Demartini discusses accumulating a vast fortune for the sake of raising the standards and making a difference in society. He instructs us to acquire a financial cause that leaves a legacy which will make a difference in order for you to be the direct master of your faith and not a victim of your history.

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