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A Career in Entertainment: From Beginning to Success

Colin Farrell is an acclaimed actor that hails from Castleknock in Dublin.

Colin’s break came in BBC’s Ballykissangel back in 1998. The following year, he made his film debut in Tim Roth’s The War Zone, before being cast by Joel Schumacher in the Hollywood picture Tigerland in 2000.

He quickly established himself as one of the most bankable figures in the film industry, operating adeptly in both intelligent independent films, such as Intermission and In Bruges, and big-budget blockbusters, like Oliver Stone’s Alexander and Michael Mann’s Miami Vice. They were intense years, as Colin dealt with fame and success whilst navigating the many pitfalls that accompany them.

In recent years, he has successfully transitioned from a young star to a mature and accomplished actor, delivering some of his most intriguing and complex performances to date, like in the renowned HBO series True Detective, absurdist black comedy The Lobster, and psychological thriller The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

Colin has also opened up candidly regarding his personal struggles away from the film set. In a revealing interview with the Irish Independent last year, he explained why he checked into rehab in 2006 after filming Miami Vice, and outlined his hopes for the future.

“I had just had it. I was done. For a long time I put the brakes on; I could go mad for three, six months, and then I could pull back for a few months to try and re-enter the atmosphere. I couldn’t find the handbrake.”

“When I came out of rehab, that was the best sleep my mother had in 15 years!”

“Look, in every aspect of life, no matter what you do, whether you are coaching a football club or you are the head of a Fortune 500 company, or you’re what people consider a movie star, whatever you may be, you just have to try and figure out what the true value of living is; to have a fulfilling and decent life.”

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