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Dr. Brian Pennie

Dr. Brian Pennie, a former heroin addict turned doctor, showcases the potential for change. Since 2013, he’s achieved a remarkable transformation, becoming a neuroscience and psychology expert, lecturer at Trinity College Dublin and UCD, executive coach, consultant, keynote speaker, author, and founder of Change is Possible.

His expertise lies in neuroscience, resilience, and blending academic knowledge with real-life experiences. As an advisor and coach to CEOs, he shares invaluable strategies for personal and professional growth, drawing from his journey of overcoming challenges.

Brian’s talks fuse inspiration and practicality, anchored in his personal story and his unique “Programme for Life,” derived from his triumph over adversity.

From corporate programmes and keynote speaking to one-on-one coaching, Brian offers a range of services to companies and organisations of all sizes. His story will draw you in and inspire you.

Key Topics:

Transformation and Change: Empowering individuals and organisations to embrace change fearlessly.

Resilience and Mental Resilience: Sharing evidence-based methods and personal anecdotes for building resilience and mastering the mind.

Beyond his personal journey, as a published author, lecturer, and founder of Change is Possible, Brian has influenced millions globally through his online content and thought-provoking talks.

Brian offers tailored services for companies and organisations seeking transformation, resonating across diverse audiences, and leaving an enduring impression that fuels the drive for positive change.

He is a catalyst for change, inviting audiences to unlock their potential and create impactful change by transforming adversity into opportunity.

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