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Christian Horner CBE

6-Time World Champion, Red Bull Racing Team Principal and CEO

6-time world champion and star of Drive to Survive, Christian Horner CBE,  joins the Pendulum Summit 2024 speaker lineup! Having just led Red Bull to their 2nd consecutive constructors title and 3rd consecutive drivers title, Christian Horner CBE is one of the most renowned and respected figures in the world of Motorsport. From karting to F1 glory, his journey is a testament to determination. From becoming the youngest F1 Team Principal at 31, he’s not just a racer; he’s a visionary with a track record of success that extends from the circuit to the corporate world.

Not only is Christian a renowned figure in the world of Formula 1 but he is also a distinguished business leader. With a career spanning from the racetrack to the boardroom, Christian’s business acumen and achievements are as impressive as his success in Motorsport. Christian is an expert in leadership, teamwork, and strategy and has propelled Red Bull Racing to an unprecedented era of dominance.


Founding and Leading Arden International: Christian’s journey in business began with his ownership and leadership of the Motorsport team Arden International. Over five years, Christian transformed Arden into a powerhouse in Motorsport, securing three consecutive International Formula 3000 Team championships and multiple Drivers’ titles. His strategic vision and leadership played a pivotal role in Arden’s success.

Taking the Helm at Red Bull Racing: Christian’s remarkable ascent continued when he was appointed as the Team Principal of Red Bull Racing in 2005, making him the youngest Team Principal in Formula 1 history at just 31 years old. Under his leadership, Red Bull Racing achieved unprecedented success, winning 4 Constructors’ cups in a row from 2010-2013 and 2 more in an era of resurgent dominance from 2022 & 2023.  Drivers’ Championships, establishing the team as a dominant force in the sport. During this period of dominance Christian managed legendary drivers Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen to 5 Formula 1 Drivers Championships between them. 

Managing Through Challenges: Christian’s ability to navigate challenges is a testament to his leadership skills. When Formula 1 transitioned to complex hybrid power units in 2014, Red Bull Racing faced difficulties, but Christian’s resilience and strategic decisions enabled the team to rebound and remain competitive. His leadership during the team’s partnership with Honda also contributed to their resurgence.

Expanding Beyond Racing: Under Christian’s stewardship, the Red Bull Technology Campus expanded significantly, welcoming businesses like Red Bull Advanced Technologies. This diversification allowed the team to leverage Motorsport expertise to develop high-tech solutions for external organisations, culminating in the creation of the groundbreaking Valkyrie Hypercar.

Red Bull Powertrains: In 2021, Christian led Red Bull Racing in a historic venture to become an autonomous and fully independent team by establishing Red Bull Powertrains. This ambitious project marks a significant milestone in the team’s business endeavors, showcasing Christian’s commitment to innovation and self-sufficiency.

Regal Recognition for Christian’s Quadruple Success: In 2013, Christian’s extraordinary achievement of securing four consecutive Constructor titles was bestowed with a prestigious OBE by Queen Elizabeth II. This was updated to a CBE in the latest honours list at the end of 2023.

Speaking Topics

Leadership and Teamwork: Christian Horner CBE draws parallels between leading a Formula 1 team and running a successful business. He delves into the strategies that foster teamwork, inspire excellence, and drive success in high-pressure environments.

Adaptation and Resilience: Christian’s experiences in Formula 1 demonstrate the importance of adapting to change and remaining resilient in the face of adversity. He shares insights on how businesses can weather storms and emerge stronger.

Innovation and Technology: As a pioneer in Motorsport technology, Christian discusses the role of innovation and cutting-edge technology in achieving a competitive edge. He explores how businesses can harness innovation to stay ahead in their respective industries.

Strategic Decision-Making: Christian’s strategic decisions have shaped the destiny of Red Bull Racing. He discusses the art of making critical decisions under pressure and their impact on long-term success.

Entrepreneurship and Business Expansion: Christian’s journey from owning a Motorsport team to overseeing a diverse range of businesses offers valuable lessons in entrepreneurship. He shares insights on expanding business horizons and seizing new opportunities.

Christian Horner’s remarkable business achievements, coupled with his extensive experience in Formula 1, make him an exceptional speaker who can inspire and educate audiences on leadership, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in both the sporting and business worlds. On Red Bull’s podcast, he shares more about the importance of enjoying what you do and how this will help you to perform better https://www.redbull.com/int-en/podcast-episodes/mind-set-win-s1-e13-christian-horner 

His insights are not only valuable for Motorsport enthusiasts but also for leaders and entrepreneurs seeking to drive their organisations to greater heights.  


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